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So we are very new to the whole Pinterest game (I know, we’re kind of behind in terms of social media… but we’re learning!) We started pining not too long ago but like many of you, we get addicted to Pinterest fast. What a rabbit hole! Like any other site with a huge amount of content to provide, Pinterest has a lot of things I love to pin but also pages of pins I don’t even want to look at. The key is to find people whose style speak to you and follow them so your feeds is full of wonderful, interesting, lovely pins instead of stuff you don’t want to waste time browsing through. Chic+Nawdie follow a few awesome pinners whose style we admire and their pins never fail to capture us: photographer Bonnie Tsang, photographer and stylist Beth Kirby of Local Milk, stationery designer Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press, Kinfolk magazine, Freunde von Freunden magazine – to name a few.

We hope Chic+Nawdie can become someone like that to you: a pinner who add excitement to your feeds, bring you beautiful visual imagery and help you organize your ideas. Since we decided to join Pinterest, we promised ourselves to not just pin a lot, but pin really well. Our Pinterest should be a carefully curated visual library we create to share with you.

Of couse we think our style is not for everyone. We do hope for those our style speaks to, you do find something beautiful, inspiring, exciting, or helpful in our Pinterest. Here are 5 reasons why you should follow Chic+Nawdie – Happy pinning everyone!



1. Our Pinterest is a collection of all things beautiful from fashion, illustration, architecture, food to everyday intangible moments because that’s how we see and want to see the world around us and also how we love to share it with you. Many people think visually and we’re one of those – discovering and organizing ideas becomes easier we can visually pin point them. There is also something powerful about the sole act of seeing something beautiful. Even though we can’t touch, can’t move, can’t own all the visual imagery we pin, we are mentally engaged in that world using our imagination. Many times, we don’t know we love something until we see it. Similarly, we might not know we hate something until we see it. Seeing can expand, alter and also remove our perceptions.

• G R O W & B L O O M •


• S T Y L E  |  intricate & delicate •


• W A N D E R L O S T •

2. While our pins are drop-dead gorgeous, they are meant to be approachable. We don’t collect pins of lavish items jut to make you fancy an extravagant lifestyle. We celebrate the beauty in a lifestyle enriched by quality not quantity or label and by the journey not the destination. We pin something because we find beauty in it, never because of a brand that it is attached to.

• S T Y L E |  white •

3. We only pin what we love, what we find inspiring, what we think will be an addition with some value physically or mentally to our world that is already very much cluttered. Therefore, there is never ad in our pins and we receive no commissions from anyone to pin.

• S T E P  by  S T E P •


4. We pin everyday to keep everything fresh and exciting. What we’re pining right now? • S U M M E R  S U N S H I N E • because it’s officially summer time!

• S U M M E R  S U N S H I N E •

5. Our pins bring CHIC+NAWDIE to life. Chic and Nawdie are two fictional characters in our stationery brand’s illustrations. By gathering pins, we visualize them in real life, bring them closer to you.

Here’s the board for • C H I C •


Here’s the board for • N A W D I E •


And here they are together • C H I C + N A W D I E | together forever •

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