5 Ways Handwritten Notes Enrich Our Everyday Life

It’s true that the first reason I started Chic+Nawdie was because of my watercolor illustrations. I taught myself watercolor when I was still working full-time as a graphic designer and this medium captivated me so much I wanted to create a product that can carry my illustrations and transform them into useful everyday objects.

However, a bigger reason for Chic+Nawdie to exist is my belief in the power of physical connection among us human. I left home to move across the globe when I was 18 and since then have been living a life far apart from my loved ones. That was when I realized how precious and powerful a handwritten note can be. Today I’m sharing with you 5 ways writing more cards & letters have elevated our life!

1. Keep a box called Memory: We live in New York City and moving from one apartment to another has been somewhat a normal thing (at least until we find a perfect place to settle for the long run.) With limited space in the city, every time we move we tend to throw away a lot of stuff. However, our Memory Box where we keep all the greeting cards, letters, postcards and notes from everyone always stays with us. Everything in the box is small and light plus they don’t ever go bad or out of style. However, every time we open the box so many sweet memories and warm feelings come to us. It’s just such an easy perfect way to keep all your loved ones closer to your heart 🙂


2. Travel more often and when we do, I bring some blank cards with us: Every year, we had a few places on our list we want to hit. And every time we travel, we put some blank cards in our suitcase. They don’t take much space but they can be used in some very interesting occasions. Sometimes we would meet a long-time-no-see friend when we travel and it would make us want to write a little note for them. We left thank you notes when we had a wonderful Airbnb experience. Sometimes, we make new friends or encounter interesting people on our trip and a little card makes great connections after we leave.


3. Write to our family and friends when we want to say something, not when we’re expected to do so: I have heard many customers saying they are so busy they often forget someone’s birthday or anniversary. Then they sent an emails or give a gift card and they felt bad about that.What I told them is you can stock up an assorted set of cards for different occasions (birthday, love, thank you, sympathy, congrats, etc.) at home so they don’t forget. However, we also think the better way is to send your loved ones a sweet note when they least expect it. Whenever you have time, whenever you think about them, whenever you miss them – Write them something. At the end of the day, an occasion is also just a day and what counts is your compassion towards one another. A genuine heartfelt note out of the blue means so much more than an obligated note on any occasion.


4. Write down our thoughts and allow ourselves to be honest: We live in a world full of responsibilities, expectations and competition. Sometimes we score goals and soar high. Some other times we try but we are tried and it doesn’t work out. I figure one of the best ways to deal with negative feelings (and of course to celebrate positive ones too) is to write them down. I don’t keep a diary but I do daily sketches that reflect my moods with some writing that captures my thoughts. They are personal and are there for me to be completely honest with myself, which helps me handle tough times better.


5. Be thankful, more than we think we should be: Along my journey of growing up, working, making friends, building my business, forming my own little family, I have encountered plenty of difficulties but also many kind people who have helped me along the way. We try to remind ourselves everyday how much we should treasure those people and express our gratitude. I love how a little thank you note can carry so much love. We try to give because we know when you give, you’ll receive eventually.


Hope that we will all write a little more in order to send more love, share more stories and connect more souls!


Nhung + Huy

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  • Linh
    October 18, 2016

    What a lovely article! And bringing blank cards on vacation is a great idea! Will do that next time we’re on the road.

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