Chic+Nawdie as a Brand and How It Embraces Our Spirit

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Since we decided to build Chic+Nawdie as a stationery brand, we have set our mind that the brand itself needs to continue the spirit of our two characters. Colorful, whimsical, and cheerful. Those are the three characteristics of Chic+Nawdie products.

We strive to carry these words in every drawing coming out of our studio. We constantly debate among ourselves of whether our product ideas fit this theme. As an illustrator, I tend to draw whatever I want and think very little about the business side of it. A number of my graphics get dropped simply because we think they do not represent our values, no matter how much they could potentially sell. If an idea does not fit, it will not get produced, which makes it a little harder to create a full line of products as a stationery business (how do you make a cheerful sympathy card?).

Despite that challenge, we would still much rather make colorful and whimsical graphics that cheer people up, rather than just creating something to fill a category.


To us, our job is not only to help the givers express what they want to say, but also to help create positive emotions in the receivers when they see our cards/notes/art prints/etc, be it some nostalgia, a bit of childishness, or just pure happy feelings.

We hope everyone will share this feeling when looking at our colorful products.

Happy Monday 🙂

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