CHIC+NAWDIE x Pretty.Much Channel

Like almost every other woman, Chic+Nawdie are fond of all things makeup and skincare related. And by “fond of”, we mean that while we don’t like putting tons of make up on, we take the renown Korean skincare regimen seriously, eat healthy, (try to) exercise, have enough sleep and (again try to) maintain a positive happy mind in order to have beautiful skin. When we were in college, our skin glowed no matter how much all-nighters we pulled and how broke we were to afford serums and facials. Fast forwards a few years after we hit the 25 mark and things only go downhill – it’s miserable… Just kidding! We’re not that concerned about growing old and having wrinkles, we’re only in our 20s. And even when we get older, we think that there is also beauty in the aging process itself, the kind of beauty that comes with charm, depth, wisdom, memories and experience. We want to grow old to be one of those women whose aura radiates that kind of beauty. If you don’t think so, maybe the Kinfolk Issue Ten – The Aged Issue can change your mind, give it a try!

A few weeks ago, our dear friend Phuong-Ly from Pretty.Much Channel asked us to paint an illustration for her, we’re thrilled! It’s always fun to collaborate and create new work. So here is the tea party illustration of Chic+Nawdie hanging out with Maruko-chan (Pretty.Much Channel’s favorite childhood character) and talking beauty!


Also, there is a little GIF we made to quickly show the painting process. We experimented with gouache this time instead of our usual watercolor to have a more opaque and poppy color effect which we think suits Pretty.Much Channel perfectly.


Pretty.Much Channel has asked to include some of her favorite products in the illustration. Glittering make-up palettes, fancy perfume bottle and lipsticks? We definitely had so much fun painting these cuties. Clockwise from top: Viva la Juicy perfume by Juice Couture, Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay, Rouge Pur Couture SPF15 Pure Colour Satiny Radiance by YSL in Fuchsia, Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay Cheek Palette and Bracelet by Tarte.

Have a great start for the week everyone!







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