Mini Collection Spring ’16 “Unstoppable Kawaii”


Hi all,

I’m happy to introduce our new Mini Collection Unstoppable KawaiiInspired by our trip last October to Japan where everything can be miniature (hence the word “kawaii” in the name), we decided to create a mini collection of mini cards.

We also have heard friends and customers said that they do wish to send more cards but sometimes they hesitate to write a lot in big cards and just want something small to tuck in a gift. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to have some smaller cards in the mix. There are twelve designs of mini 3.5”x5” (smaller then your palms!) greeting cards featuring original watercolor illustrations of adorable animals. They are great for simple notes and feels more casual and hassle-free. They are also super perfect for kids to give to each other, for them to give their parents and for adults to give to them!

A big dose of whimsy, delight and charm for every occasion in a little package that feels less formal and more refreshing compared to the standard greeting card – We hope to bring out the child in all of us because… Kawaii is not about appearance, it’s about spirit!

All designs are available on our online store now. There are birthday, thank you, love, congrats and hello cards in the collection for now. If you feel like we should add some other occasions – check them out and let us know!



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