New Market List Notepad & Business Card!


Right now it’s probably my favorite time in New York City. The sun shines, the breeze fills up the street and Central Park is full of people lounging, playing, running, biking, yoga-ing, picnic-ing! It’s also the time of the NSS (National Stationery Show) so of course for us, it’s an extremely exciting time. As a newbie in the stationery business (we started earlier this year), we have heard a lot about NSS and all the amazing stationery businesses exhibited there. It does seem like a huge commitment in terms of time and money so we think maybe next year could be a good time for us to try. Hopefully from now until the end of 2015, Chic+Nawdie will grow stronger with more products of good quality and exciting creativity.

For now, we are still busy preparing for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn next month. We stocked up more products, ordered more packaging materials and started building our booth! Here’s a shot of my new business cards:

Since watercolor is my medium for all Chic+Nawdie graphics, I want to feature that aspect in my card yet still keep in simple and clean.


Organizing all the cards in bins


Just finished stamping a stack of little kraft shopping bags to use for the fair!


And finally we also added a new product to the store – a Market List Notepad design featured Nawdie and her lovely grocery bag! This lovely Market List Notepads came in the mail last week and they look even better than we had expected. Our print shop did a fantastic job and we could not be any happier! I already started writing down my list to get ready for grocery this week. I hope this little pad might brighten up your dull day at some crowded Whole Foods aisle some day.

We will post more updates of our custom-designed and hand-built booth next week! Stay tuned!



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