One Week Until Our First Craft Fair Ever!

Today is June 8, which means there is one week until our Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn Pop-ups this Satuday! This will be our first craft fair ever and we can’t wait to introduce CHIC+NAWDIE to people, meet other awesome vendors and have a great time at River State Park. We’ve been to the Renegade Craft Fair a few times. Every time, I was blown away by how many amazing independent makers, designers and artists out there.  I think Renegade is hands-down the best craft fair in New York City and they have exactly the kind of audience we want to introduce our business to: people who care about quality rather than quantity, support small businesses and appreciate the craftsmanship that go into each hand-made product. That is to say we feel honored to be a part of this group and determined to do our best for our first fair!

I quit my full-time job just a week ago to shift my focus completely to CHIC+NAWDIE. The Renegade Craft Fair is a perfect new beginning for my new chapter with CHIC+NAWDIE.


Here are some snapshots of our preparation process for the craft fair. We have designed and built a shelf/table combo that can be taken apart for mobility. Our tiny Manhattan apartment has been filled with wood, paint and dust for the last few week. Although it wasn’t easy, it turns out okay!
Pegboard rules!

Kitsu being confused about all the new stuff on the floor, blocking his way

This will be one shelf for cards and we have another one for art prints!

I hope the fair will be a great success <3

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