Setting Chic+Nawdie’s goal for 2015

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Hello there!

This is Nhung Le and I’m the creator of Chic+Nawdie. I’m a 25 year old designer and illustrator living in New York City with my husband and our Shiba Inu dog, Kitsu. Since I graduated from Connecticut College in May 2012, I’ve been working full-time as a graphic designer, and currently I’m with a small design studio in Manhattan. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have an exciting job with a group of amazing talented people from whom I learn everyday so much about the design field.

As much as I love my job, I have to admit that computer still intimidates me from time to time. I find myself craving the feeling of drawing and painting – of making something with my hands. My best friend and I started to create Chic+Nawdie to combine my love for illustration and her passion for writing. We wanted it to be almost like a magazine where we tell visual stories of these two girls to celebrate (silly) friendship and voice our (comical) opinions about women’s interests through whimsical illustrations. Then because of personal reason, my friend had to withdraw from Chic+Nawdie while our drafts and sketches were still on paper. (Pts, I am still secretly crying over her departure and hoping that one day she will come back.)

In June 2014, I gathered all my courage and published Chic+Nawdie without my best friend’s awesome writing. Chic+Nawdie became simply a visual journal where I tell a lovely friendship through imagery. In half a year, I juggled my time to create almost 50 illustrations for Chic+Nawdie and found myself falling in love with my own characters. From imagining their stories and painting their outfits to letting them interact and seeing them grow their own personalities, it is always exciting! I listened to some friends’ suggestions and started making little objects using Chic+Nawdie illustrations like tote bags, pouches and paper goods. Throughout this process, I taught myself sewing and watercolor painting, collaborated with some friends, and slowly learned about the stationery business. Everything has been incredibly adventurous and delightful.

I would like 2015 to be even more fruitful for Chic+Nawdie as I would take more risks and push more self-boundaries. With my current full-time schedule, it would not be easy. Everyday when I get back from work, I just want to enjoy dinner with my husband, take Kitsu for a long nice walk, watch some Korean dramas or read some books till I fall asleep. That is why I’m writing this post: To declare my 2015’s goal for Chic+Nawdie to everyone so I have more motivation to work really really hard and reach it! Once you share something to the public, you can’t back out.

So my goal in 2015 is: Fully launch a stationery business for Chic+Nawdie.

That means a collection of 40-50 greeting cards together with art prints, post cards, and maybe gift tags – all professionally printed and will be available for both retail and wholesale.

Am I scared? Yes. Am I worried? Of course.

But I am also excited to see how far I can go and I know I will enjoy it tremendously. So if you happen to read this, feel free to send me some love, support, special shout-out, suggestions, hugs, kisses!!!


Nhung Le



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