Valentine’s Day and Our Quick “Philosophy” on Love Gifting

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We hope everyone a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

If you’re in love, or in a relationship, or in a complicated relationship, or maybe some other kind of relationship, we hope you have an awesome day with your loved ones.

We personally don’t think anyone should spend a tons on luxury gifts on Valentine’s Day. A gift shouldn’t be a… reward to the other person, you know? A gift shouldn’t show responsibility or generosity or status. All it has to show is love: that you care about someone and you understand them. Even the most basic gift idea can become lovely if you pay attention and put your love in it. Like these:

– Chocolate that is not from Duane Reade but also not overpriced in flashy unnecessary packages. Instead something tastes good and looks incredibly fun, like this.

– Flowers that don’t suck: Chic’s favorites are moody style and sophisticated elegance while Nawdie loves upbeat colorful arrangements and less structured more natural type.

– Cards that are not pink or red or cheesy or the combination of two out of those three things. Try this, this, this and this. (We can go all night on the list!) And remember to spend time carefully write down what you genuinely want to say.

If you’re single, no worries, we are too! How about we send each other this adorable card?

These are just some random ideas from two single girls. Maybe we really don’t know what we are talking about. Again, happy Valentine’s Day everyone and don’t break your bank!



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