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So it’s been a while since our last post (we promise we would post more often), and we just want to give you an update of what Chic+Nawdie has been up to.

We just got back from a brief vacation in Hanoi, VIETNAM and still are somewhat suffering from jetlag. Nonetheless, it is always a happy feeling to be in the arms and laughters of family and friends, and this time was no different (we have some pictures on our Instagram). We did block some time in our trip to check out a few shops to get the retail scene of paper and lifestyle products back home. We also had a chance to talk to a few people in the industry, and though it seems Hanoi’s design scene is still shaping, we can’t help but feeling the bubbling eagerness in both the makers and the consumers. It is in our “grand plan” to have Chic+Nawdie products available in Vietnam someday, so this was indeed very good news.

The other good news arrived while we were on vacation, that is Chic+Nawdie has been accepted into the selective Renegade Craft Fair this coming summer. We visited the fair twice last year and both times were wow’ed by the exhibiting independent makers and their wonderful hand-made items. We felt a little nervous applying this year and worked extremely hard the few weeks leading to the application deadline to have a new website design that showcase our products better. It all became fruitful and we can’t be any happier.

Besides that, we have some brand new Mother’s Day cards arriving just in time. Visit our shop here!


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