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What Are They?  Our new Coloring Cards & Prints feature intricate and charming ink illustrations that are waiting for you to color and bring them to life. These coloring products are perfect for kids and adults alike, creating adventures to a world of creativity and inspiration while providing a fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress. This is a creation we hope would bring special feelings to both givers and recipients.  You can send a finished colored piece as a meaningful gift with a great personal touch. You can also send a partially colored piece for your recipient to complete it, creating a unique experience you both can enjoy. Or you can simply add a standard 5”x7” or 8”x10” frame to give yourself a new piece of art!

What Can I Use to Color Them? Our thick FSC Certified card stock is ready for a wide range of mediums including colored pencils, pens, markers, charcoal, pastels and inks.

Don’t Know Where to Start? 

We think the most important thing is to have fun so you shouldn’t worry too much about how to color. There is no right or wrong way to color! However, if you feel a “creative block”, there are plenty of amazing finished coloring pages online that might inspire your next work. This gif below has some useful tips so you can start (click on image to watch from the beginning.) We also include some samples using different mediums.

Helpful Resources

  • Choosing a medium: This link has some nice examples of different medium and their pros/cons for you to review!
  • Colored Pencils: One of the most popular medium for coloring, colored pencils have quite a lot of power as you can use different techniques to create different effects. I found some helpful tutorials for basic penciled color techniques here, here  and here.
  • Markers: Markers can be more precise and straight-forward then colored pencils but  that doesn’t mean it’s not a flexible medium. Watch this video for some tips & techniques.
  • Color palette: There is basic color theory information if you want to study a bit about how color works. Sites like ColorLovers and Design Seeds have tons of pre-made color palette that can help you decide which colors to use for your work. Sometimes I can get amazing color ideas from random images I find from Pinterest!
  • Fun touches: There are some super fun metallic and glittery pens/pencils you can use to add some final touches to your work.

Again, it wouldn’t be fun anymore if you let all the techinical things scare you away from coloring your way and enjoying the process. These tips and resources are just there when you need them but don’t afraid to do anything you want! Hope you’ll have fun with our Coloring Collection and if you have any questions/ suggestions/feedback, shoot us an email at nhung[at]chicnawdie[dot]com