DIY: How to Make Your Own Baby Mobile


Recently on Facebook and Instagram, I posted a picture of the baby mobile I made as we are finishing the nursery room to welcome our first child. Many of you told me you had troubles finding a beautiful and affordable baby mobile and asked for a tutorial post. So on today’s post, I’m sharing my DIY process – Hopefully it’ll be helpful to many of you!

A baby mobile is simply a hanging structure with baby toys/objects that entertain and stimulate your baby. Because babies spend much of their early time laying in the crib, having something fun to look at instead of the boring white ceiling can help calm them a lot.

While looking for a baby mobile, I was browsing through so many options. There were tons of them but somehow I couldn’t find something special I truly love (and fit my budget.) Therefore, I decided to just make it myself since I already have lots of tools and materials (plus time) on my hands. I wanted something that looks natural (like wood) with just a pop of color (like some colorful pom-poms.) I did a quick sketch of what it would look like and get all the materials either online or at my local Michael’s store. You can totally come up with your own design, color palette and create something truly unique!


  • 10″ wooden embroidery hoop
  • A selection of wooden craft parts: I use twelve 1″ wooden beads, six 1-1/2″ wooden beads, five 1-1/2″ wooden rings, five 2-1/2″ wooden rings and one 2-7/8″ wooden star.
  • 6 pom-poms made from colored yarns. I used a pom-pom maker but you can also just do it many different ways.
  • 4 needle felting cloud shapes. I include these because I recently learned how to do needle felting and got totally obsessed with it… It takes quite a bit of time but it’s super fun since you can basically create whatever shapes you like!
  • Optional: Acrylic or gouache paints to color the wooden parts if you want. I used only white for some beads.
  • Cotton twine or any strong strings to tie and hang.
  • Drill or any tool to make holes on the wooden embroidery hoop.



  1. First, I cut the hoop into two equal parts and tie them together at the middle to create a frame.
  2. Attach one string on top of the tied knot (to hang it from the ceiling) and one string right underneath to create the center decor string.
  3. Drill holes that are big enough for your strings to go through at the 4 ends of the frame.
  4. If you don’t have tools to cut the hoops or to drill holes, I think the easiest way to make a frame is to use the whole hoop as a circle frame and tie everything from it. Another way is to get 2 wood dowels and tie them together to make an X. That will be your frame and you can easily tie all the strings.
  5. Attach 4 strings from 4 ends of the frame and start to tie all the decor parts to create the rest of the mobile. Remember to make the opposite sides similar so the mobile is balanced.

That’s about it… Just make sure everything is tied securely. Be creative with the design but don’t make it too complicated with lots of objects as it can get heavy. The last thing you want to happen is this whole thing fall on your baby…! I have some quick sketches & pictures here to illustrate all the above steps.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and let me know if you have any questions!



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