2014 Holiday Gift Guide (also Wish List!)

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We wanted to put together a really nice list of gifts that would be perfect for all the ladies out there this holiday but it took much longer than we thought… First of all, there is so much stuff out there to navigate through. As a female consumer, we are made to feel out of fashion all the time by waves of new products in every industry, especially fashion. Do you know that Zara updates its stock twice a week? This means that awesome plaid cape you just bought last week doesn’t stay on top of the trend any more. Our life nowadays tend to be full of clutter. So we have been on the hunt for items of quality that rather look timeless (with a little bit of fun!) than trendy. Second of all, we couldn’t get the list out sooner because we enjoyed painting these to much… we took a great deal of time! Anyway, from $8.5 to $695, here is the 10-item-list that make life in a big city better for all young ladies like ourselves! For each item’s credit, please scroll down to the bottom.

Also, both Chic and Nawdie made this list. Can you tell which one Chic picked and which one Nawdie picked? Tell us in the comment section!

Happy gifting everyone!




1. Acne Jeans: Good jeans don’t stretch at the end of the day (so you don’t have to keep pulling them up as you go to the bathroom.) Plus they are comfy, fight winter and easy to pair with anything. Why don’t we invest in 1-2 good pair?

2. Facial Steam by Mullein and Sparrow: Forget the spa when you can have this organic facial steam at home.

3. Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream – SPF15: Who said you don’t need SPF in the winter? You do cause unless the sun stop rising, don’t you? This cream smells amazing it makes you feel you are in a garden in Southern France. If you could treat your face something nice this holiday, skip all the glittering makeup sets and get this cream, your skin will thank you! When we went to Aesop to check out their Gift Kits over the weekend, they gave us a sample of their new product that will be launched in January, the Elemental Facial Barrier Cream which is designed to rescue dry skin in winter time. We love the sample and really look forward to January!

4. Madewell 1937 Mismatch Ankle Socks: Holiday makes us think about stocking and what could be more fun than mismatch socks? Such a statement!

5. & Other Stories Wool-Blend Coat: Simple yet super chic and you can add 5 more layers underneath it thanks to the over-size comfy silhouette. (When & Other Stories and COS arrive in New York, we were so happy! We have been long time fans of their Scandinavian minimal style.)

6. Aritzia Barbaton Bryan Wool Coat: Classy and easy to dress both up and down!

7. Whistle Suzu Crepe Jumpsuit: What’s better than a dress? An elegant jumpsuit in beautiful lilac. You don’t have to freeze to death just to look awesome and this jumpsuit can get you into any fancy New Year event!

8. Taylor Ceramics Striped Planter: Don’t forget to add some green to your living space in the winter. Sometimes it can uplift your mood more than you think. We love the subtle design of this planter – so much zen.

9. Tokyobike Bisou: Because we are saving this one up for summer in Central Park!

10. Feit Hand Sewn High: “The Hand Sewn High is built by hand from start to finish by one master craftsman using an advanced Goodyear construction technique that produces a superior shoe. The seamless one piece upper of the shoe is made from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather, handstitched at the heel… Leather is left on the last for 10 days where light steam and humidity are used to tighten the leather, ensuring shape and fit.” We probably won’t call these shoes, but art instead! We would ditch all our heels to get a pair of Feit. Period. (Okay okay maybe not Nawdie, but Chic would!)


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