2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Adorable Gifts for the Little Ones

Ola! Continued my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide I’m having a list for the little ones. Check out this list!

  1. Color Club Print Backpack from Mokuyobi Threads, $85
  2. Hand-made Bunny from Oh Albatross, $68
  3. Organic Cotton Baby & Toddler Pants from Fox and Rebel, $23
  4. Bunny Nursery Mobile from Mistr Sandman, $159
  5. Doll House with Fireplace from Toy House 83, $99
  6. Wood Balancing Toy from Des Enfantillages, $53
  7. Set of 7 Paper Puppets from Furze Chan, $48
  8. Heirloom Raccon Baby Blanket from Roxy Marj, $155
  9. Mama and Baby Fox Stuffed Toy from Wool and Tale, $48
  10. Ok this is is me cheating. This is not a hand-made item, it’s actually a children book. I have to include it because I love it so much! Amazing illustrations with a heart-warming story that I can’t wait to share with my kids (once I have mine…) Such a lovely treat to not just children but also adults! The Lion and The Bird by Marianne Dubuc.

And don’t forget we have some adorable cards *wink wink* that I know your little ones would love, like… our animal holiday cards!

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