2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Unique Ceramic Gifts from Etsy


It’s festive season!

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? (I know your email was probably jammed with all kind of discounts and promotions during Black Friday right?) No worries, you still have time to check off your list. I’m going to post some holiday gift guides to possibly navigate through the endless options out there. Let’s all support small businesses and makers, buy local and choose meaningful gifts. Etsy has been recently criticized for having too much “trash” in its market with floods of manufacturers from China trying to sneak their “hand-made” products in. Therefore, it has become quite time consuming to dig through the mess and find some treasures. However, Etsy still has tons of amazing makers and I’ve been following many of them for years. Here I’m going to share with you some lovely items I personally adore and I can guarantee they’re all hand-made with (lots of) love!

Let’s kick off this holiday season with some adorable ceramic works!

  1. Golden Heart from Real Hearts Treasure, $55
  2. Air Plant Holder from Quiet Clementine, $34
  3. Spiky Vase from Oli’s Cupboard, $29
  4. Red Character Bowl from Marinski Heartmades, $30
  5. Chubby Cat from Barruntando, $15
  6. Dog Tea Cup from Eleonor Bostrom, $52
  7. Speckled Coffee Pourover from BTW Ceramics, $58
  8. Ring Cone from Pottery Lodge, $16
  9. Tiny Gold Bottom Dish from Up in the Air Somewhere, $28
  10. Set of 2 cups in Blue and Coral from Yulia Tsukerman, $62

Don’t forget to add a small holiday card with your hand-written notes. Your gift will make someone melted! We are working hard to ship all your orders so please order by 12/18 to get your purchase in time for Christmas!



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