Eyes On: A Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I have come across a lot of Gift Guide for Mother’s Day. Some of them are interesting. Many of them simply list a few pretty items. My philosophy of gifting is that you don’t really need to give gifts (!) Any day can be Mother’s Day. Spending time with your mother, talking to her, seeing her means a lot more than an expensive gifts with little thoughts. However, I do like looking for gifts that will fill in a need for my mom. Something she doesn’t know she needs, or she knows she needs but doesn’t know where to find a good one. My mom doesn’t use internet very well and certainly doesn’t know reviews exist. I have been the one who buys her skincare and makeup products for years. So for this post, I create a little gift list with things I find useful and lovely for moms. Hope this list brings some ideas to you guys this Mother’s Day. Again, the important thing is to genuinely think about what your mom like, what she need and find something truly speak to her. And nothing can replace you, you are the best gift to your mom so spend more time with her, talk to her more, and visit her more often!

This year, I am taking my mom on a mini trip to the South of Vietnam. I live in New York and she lives in the Hanoi, Vietnam so I don’t get to see her a lot. We haven’t spent time together in a long time so I’m just super excited for the trip!



  1. New Eyeglasses: Maybe her eyesight hasn’t been good lately? Take her to do a check-up and pick a great new pair of eyeglasses for her.
  2. Mason Pearson Hair Brush ($100+) Many many women swear by this brush and say they last for 20-30 years from their mother’s years! Get your mom a really great brush that will take care of her aging hair.
  3. Library of Flowers Forget Me Not Hand Cream ($25) Super moisturizing, soothing scent and I have to say: beautiful dreamy packaging. They say hands show the most aging signs for women and they surely show how much our moms have done for us. A little pretty hand cream can be a nice gift.
  4. UKA Nail Oil ($36) Also for the hands, you can get this nail oil for her. It can also be used as perfume or for aromatherapy.
  5. DIY facial masks : Spend an afternoon at home and make facial masks while catching up with your mom. Not a bad idea right? For a quick experience, there are many many sheet masks available right now. I would go for the organic, chemical-free ones like this and this.
  6. DIY Pillow Mist: Many people have sleeping problem as they grow old. So why don’t we DIY a pillow mist so mom can feel more relaxed  before bed? There are several other tutorials online you can find. Try to use ingredients and scents that your mother especially love. You can also buy this one from Susanne Kaufmann.
  7. Eberjey PJ Set ($120) Again, with the purpose of helping her to get a good sleep every night. When you’re young you wear whatever to sleep. When you get older you need to be comfortable and relax before bed.
  8. Matt & Nat Vegan Diaper Bag ($195) Busy moms with babies will find a good (and pretty) diaper bag a useful item. This bag is made with vegan leather ethically and sustainably. I feel like this one is a good gift for a husband to give to his pregnant wife!
  9. The Facial at Cap Beauty ($200/person) If you and your mom are in NYC and have some time to spend, try to book an appointment at Cap Beauty. They use all natural ingredients, customize for each customer and all services already include tips. You two can do this before hitting brunch maybe? Nice date (even if you’re a guy ^^)
  10. A genuine heartfelt hand-written note from you: Such a small thing (that doesn’t cost you a lot) can actually send a powerful message and make your mom deeply happy.


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