Eyes On: Chunky Knots

Happy Friday!

I’m adding a new column called Eyes On for Chic+Nawdie to collect random items we have our eyes on – all things art, design, fashion, interior design, nature, etc. It’s just such a good way to discover new designers and makers because you know, Pinterest can only go that far… I find myself collecting a large sum of prettiness on my Pinterest but most of the time rarely know who are behind those amazing products. By choosing so small and focus on it, we can find out so much more interesting information. The first one we’re doing today is Chunky Knots! Here is the full list:

1. Simple leather knot bag from Elizabeth Suzann

2. Plant hangers from Modern Macrame

3. Rope light from Atelier688

4. Heeled sandals from Alpha60

5. Infinite rope dress from Anaise

6. And this beautiful rope belt that I have no idea where it comes from. I only know the picture comes from a spread of Amica magazine… If anyone knows the rope belt, can you please tell me?

So learned about 5 great designers/brands that I’ve never heard about today. Hope you find these items lovely too!

Happy weekend!

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