Apple Picking Time is Here + Revisit the Alpacas!

Every year, we do apple picking once in October. It’s really not so much about the apples. I actually can’t bake (at all) and there is a certain number of apples you can eat. I just love the drive upstate at this time of the year and the fresh feeling of walking around the orchard. The year we do it a little early so the leaves haven’t turned all red. However, when the leaves actually turn red, we will be doing our Japan/Thailand/Vietnam (Home) trip (ha!)

So the past weekend, we did an early fall foliage watching and apple picking trip. We took the Fall Foliage Train Ride at Catskill Mountain Railroad and it was quite beautiful. Saturday weather was a little meh though so if you do when the fall foliage is at its peek this must be stunning! When we went apple picking on Sunday the weather was gorgeous though. We have picked apple at a few places but this orchard is absolutely gorgeous. The orchard is big enough with all kinds of apples plus plums and pears also. It is sort of on a hill so the view is very scenic from there.

We stayed at our favorite farm (read about it in my previous post here) and visited all the animals again. Here are some quick snaps of our weekend. Since I was quite sick thanks to the sudden cold weather, I couldn’t take a lot of pictures on the train ride when it was raining. Other than that, tons of colorful shots from the farm and the apple orchard.

Have a great week everyone!

The Fall Foliage Train Ride


Welcome to farm life!

Welcome to farm life!


Meet Boo, the little donkey who was born on Halloween last year!


And here is Ba!


Chester the mighty rooster and Max the protective llama leader




Look what I found haha


Apple picking time


Because we go early in the season, this is what we had


I love that purple color with the green on the blue sky – so pretty!


And this color combo too! Love!!!

And this color combo too! Love!!!

No photoshop needed


Beautiful day!

And Kitsu over there... hehe

Do you see Kitsu over there… hehe

And Kitsu on the way back to Manhattan on the backseat

And Kitsu on the way back to Manhattan on the backseat

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