Glamping in Upstate NY Part I: Cabin at Cluckin’ A Farm and Fiber in Catskill

The pond in front of the cabin.

Glamping is a term derived from the two words “glamorous camping”

I hope everyone had a relaxing Forth of July weekend. As for us, we had an amazing time in upstate New York at Catskill and Waterville. For those who seek a (long) weekend getaway from New York City, I am telling you these two spots can be perfect destinations. Serene scenery, endless field of flowers, lovely animals, night sky full of stars, being surrounded by fireflies, romantic secluded locations – There was so much awesomeness with loads of pictures, I decide to have two separate posts. This one is about our cabin time at Cluckin’ A Farm and Fiber in Catskill, about 2 hours driving from New York City.

At Cluckin’ A Farm, you will meet a lovely couple, Vicky & Skip, and their animals: 4 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, donkeys, and alpacas! The farm’s landscape is very well planned: Vicki & Skip are there when you need them but you will have a secluded cabin right in front of their pond. We arrived on Thursday night. On Friday, we woke up early to the birds chirping then had some coffee on the dock while watching the ducks swimming by. Then we came with Skip to let the chickens out for their strolling day around the farm. I snapped some pictures inside the barn with Giuseppi, the adorable young black alpaca, before all of them were out on the field. I’ve always loved alpacas and wanted to see one (I actually just painted a new card design with alpacas!) And here they are: absolutely adorable! (see pictures below for evidence.) The donkeys are so cute and funny too; they loved it when I brushed their fur and kept asking for more and more brushing!

The amazing thing is Vicki & Skip built and worked every single thing themselves here at the farm. As a maker, I admire their hard work and creativity. From landscaping, building the farm, raising animals for egg-meat-fur, to making soap, making honey, making maple syrup, making tools, making glass jewelry, and even writing poetry and painting – they do everything!. Talking to them inspired me a lot. I can feel their love for the farm and their animals. We said goodbye to Vicki & Skip and their animals to continue our trip North on Friday afternoon. On our way, we stopped for some strawberry pickings randomly on the road. When you pick your own strawberries on the field, they just taste sooo good! Small but delicous!!!

Honestly, we only booked this cabin to spend our Thursday night before hitting the road again to go to Waterville and didn’t expect a lot. It turned out to be so much fun we didn’t want to say goodbye. Next time, we will come back to spend a full weekend and explore a few more things around the farm. So if you want to learn about farm life and meet some lovely animals, why don’t you come visit this farm and support their business? For the money I spent which was $85 one night, I got so much fun, love, and inspiration. Check out our pictures below and if you have questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Fun fact: The chickens thought Kitsu was a fox so they all freaked out and ran away while Kitsu was like “Oops I just wanna say hi…”

Next post: A secluded yurt in Waterville where you sleep under the stars and hike to a magical valley with breathtaking view.



View of the front part of the farm: On the left is the barn where the animals sleep and on the right is Vicki&Skip’s house.

Kitsu by the pond – Absolute ZEN!!!

Morning! This is the cabin where we stayed.

It was very early in the morning so I had my favorite throw on…

Saying good morning to the animals! This is Giuseppi everyone, he’s a rescue and he’s absolutely sweet (and his fur is soooo soft…)

The moment Huy had the camera up, all of them started staring at him HAHA

LOVEEEEE, I just love them so much! So adorable, and they’re really really friendly!

This is Ali, and she loves getting brushed. When I stopped brushing, she came up to me and asked for more… Who says donkeys are not smart?!?

Giuseppi is sunbathing while Chester hanging next to him.

We said goodbye to Vicki, Skip and the animals to continue driving North. On the way we stopped randomly for some strawberries!

Small but good!

What a gorgeous day and I ate a lot of strawberries!

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