Glamping in Upstate NY Part II: Sleeping Under the Stars at Loomis Lair

So last post I talked about our time at Clucking A Critter Farm. We left the farm on Friday afternoon and drove 2 more hours to Waterville where we stayed at Loomis Lair Yurt.

Here we met Michael on his 80 acre piece of hill land where he lives with his ducks and 4 goats. Michael and the animals live on the top of the hill and he had a (very well built) yurt at the middle for airbnb rental. The place is named Loomis Lair because Michael was very interested in the legends of the notorious Loomis Gang, the largest organized crime family in the 19th century America. (If you’re so into the history, Michael has several books in the yurt you can sure borrow.) Loomis Lair is where the Loomis Homestead once was based out.

You probably have never seen a yurt like this – at least we have not. It has everything you need including a kitchen and hot shower! Michael used to teach industrial design and graphic design so all his knowledge really shows in this yurt: practical yet so comfortable and stylish. Around the yurt, the land is filled forest and fields with breathtaking views and amazing hiking trails throughout (See photos below for evidence even though my pictures are not that great.) Since the land is huge and Michael lives all the way on the top where it takes a steep 15 minute hike to reach, you pretty much have the whole thing for yourself.

The yurt has a dock at the front with chairs and table. At the back, it has a little yard with benches, chairs, tables, a grill and campfire space. We brought grocery with us on Friday night and start grilling. At night we had campfire and just sat outside talking, watching fireflies all around us and looking up at the stars. I’ve never seen that many fireflies, it was magical! On Saturday we hiked up the top of the hill where we stopped by Michael’s little farm and said hi to his goats. When we hiked to the valley part of the hill, it was basically an endless open space covered with yellow flowers and you have a 360 degree view down the whole area. Spectacular! It seemed like it came right out from a Korean Drama scene. If you haven’t watched any K-Drama, it just means ridiculously beautiful scene where it should be filled with people taking pictures but there is no one but the main (couple) characters chilling and enjoying it. Read: romantic to its max.

On Saturday night we drove to a town nearby, Hamilton, to watch the Forth of July fireworks right by the pond at Colgate University. Being so used to watching fireworks in New York City which is usually a test of persistence  (who comes earliest to save the best spot and who can peacefully endure the insane traffic right before and after the fireworks) I was too surprised when we arrived on the dot and just parked right at the pond!

Everything was so beautiful we didn’t want to leave but we had to. Next time we’ll be spending more time so we can go canoeing with Michael’s canoe at the lake nearby. Also we want to check this place out in the fall. Imagine the whole view in front of you turns red? Wow, I really want to see… This place is 4 hour drive from New York City so it can be perfect for couple seeking getaway for long weekend. People have also been here for their honeymoon vacations. Michael has run this place for a few years and his guest book is filled with amazing reviews. I mean, there is nothing not to love!

Hope everyone finds this post lovely. Have a great week!

The yurt and its front dock.

View from the yurt

View from the yurt

Saying hi to the goats at Michael’s place

Hiking to the top of the hill


Stopping at the valley part

360 degree view of this on a gorgeous day

Decided to top here at the valley instead of continuing to the top because Kitsu got all exhausted after the steep part. My old dog…

Kitsu: I’m too hot…

My wild flower arrangement. All was picked from the hill.

Huy waiting for the grill while enjoying the view

Guys, what time is dinner???

I’m too hungry, I hiked a lot today already!

When the night comes in

Perfect to end our night

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