Goodbye Summer: 2nd Renegade + Siesta Key Vacation Quick Recap

Hello there!

The past weekend was our 2nd Renegade and it has nicely wrapped up our summer. Compared to the first Renegade back in June, this time everything went much more smoothly. We didn’t go insane with all the set-up and the fact that it was an indoor location where we can pull our van right outside the entrance truly helped! No crazy wind, no rain, no bumpy road that spilled all my coins! We had a new signage (see above pic!): very pretty but quite dangerous for anyone who is above 6feet tall. There were 2 nice men who bumped their heads on Chic+Nawdie – I’m very sorry, next time I will remember how short I am and push the signage a little higher… Other than that we had a great time talking to great customers, great neighbors (hello AHeirloom, FishCake Design and Sue Jean Ko!) and great retailers. I love how conversations can lead to an incredible amount of inspiration and motivation. Since our products have small price units, doing fairs for us is not the most profitable way of expanding our business. We all pay the same booth fee but I need to sell a lot of cards to match the price of just one bags or two necklaces. However, doing fairs helps us get closer to our customers, observe them, listen to them and adjust our business to accommodate their needs better. One man came into the booth and asked if I have any KNITTING CARD (?!?!?!) – Good thing I have this lovely card! Someone asked to buy my original painting. And it always always feel incredible when people can relate to my illustrations. I am just so thankful!

Me setting up the shop on Friday morning next to AHeirloom

Me setting up the shop on  morning next to AHeirloom

And when the crowd hit later!

And when the crowd hit later!

Also, here are some beautiful pictures of our Siesta Key vacation to wrap up this year’s summer. We stayed at this amazing airbnb in Sarasota, had so much delicious seafood and also Vietnamese food (!), walked on the finest = sand beach, watched stunning sunset every single day, went swimming, paddleboard-ing and kayak-ing, got super tanned and in general just relaxed and enjoyed the weather! We highly recommend Siesta Key for people who love Florida beaches but prefer a laid-back vacation.

Now we are back to work with some great projects coming up! We will keep you posted.



The sand is so so smooth… I’ve never walked on anything that is so fine!!!

Watching sunset is a big thing here. Everyday local people go to the beach, bring some drinks & snacks, sit on the beach, talk and wait for the sun to set.

Me trying to be a local.

I just think this is a gorgeous color palette that nature gives us. So amazing. Living in New York sometimes makes you forget how beautiful sunset is.

Fun: this is how it looks before a thunderstorm. Doesn’t that look frightening? It happens so often and goes away so fast people don’t seem to care much lol

The pool at our Airbnb <3

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