Hanoi, Hanoi

Even though it’s a little late, we still want to share some pictures from our vacations back home in Hanoi, Vietnam earlier this month. Flying back and forth took two days, leaving us only a week at home but it was well worth it. We ate phở almost every morning then had some Vietnamese coffee while watching people rushing to work on their motorbikes. We walked around the lakes, and just stopped for some more food on the streets when we felt tired. And of course, we stuffed ourselves with home-cooked food from our mothers. So much I actually gained a few pounds after a week…


Hoan Kiem Lake (Turtle Lake or Sword Lake) – Probably the most iconic landmark of the city. During the day you’ll  find people walking around, taking pictures, resting on the benches. It’s never really crowded (it gets more people in the evening cause the temperature becomes cooler) so it’s always nice and refreshing. If you go early in the morning, you’ll find tons of people exercising, running, doing tai-chi. My family lives 15 mins from here and my mom used to make us wake up at 5am to run around the lake (!) 


Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. People from all over the country traveled miles and miles to pay a visit.


Super crowded streets in front of the St. Joseph’s Cathedral when kids get out of school (there’s school right nearby.) The coffee shop in this picture, Cộng Cà Phê, is a hot spot for young people in the city now with branches everywhere.


Out and about. Streets are full of motorbikes and people are so used to it, they even catch a nap like this man in the picture…


This “little” salon by the street costs you maybe $1-2 to get a haircut, no tip required!


Ending this post with a peaceful picture of an old lady walking home in the afternoon.


If you ever need some tips on traveling to Hanoi, let us know! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures!
Have a great week!


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